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"A pleasure to have in class" -my year 6 teacher
"Vaguely fuckable" -a 12 year old in the street
"Her humour makes up for her face" -a guy at my school


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Chip chop, hair is off!

So I decided to do this a while ago and i’ve been scouting around for a charity that’ll take green (unbleached, good condition, 10 inches long) hair. 

At the moment it is a toss up between Locks of Love and CWHL but if anyone has suggestions please share.

I’m so glad that John is getting behind this great cause. My boyfriend’s nan had cancer and she told me that every morning, as soon as she got up, she used to close her eyes and put her wig on with her eyes shut. Then she’d open them and feel normal for once. She said how it helped her go on and if that is how and adult feels imagine how much it could help a child. 

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